Prompts App Reviews

We think Prompts is pretty neat, and so do more than 150,000 writers across the world.


"Prompts is great for writing my morning pages on those mornings when my mind is being lazy. Knowing that I'm gonna have some REALLY quirky and off-the-wall ideas makes me excited looking forward to writing. A great spark!"


"The contextual prompts to inspire writing is the most interesting part of this for me."

— Ryan hoover

"Prompts gives you a jumping-off point for a piece, and then lets you dive right into writing. It's especially cool for folks who like to track their habits to stay motivated because it offers some basic analytics for you to analyze your writing habit progress."

— Ginny Mineo

"I love this app! As a young writer, I find topics hard to come by and the starting lines option helps me a lot. I see each starting line as an assignment and try to write a minimum of two complete sentences."

— Flowiebo

"I've been a long user of Prompts. It's helped me write amazing stuff."

— Jed Finley

"Not only does this app have brilliant short starting phrases to spin off of when Starting Lines is turned on, but its lightning icon provides unique and helpful ways to overcome writer's block. Prompts is beautiful and easy to use with simple one-touch saving and an autosave option. This app earns an easy five stars and should be a writing staple for anyone."

— Syra Kale

"When I first used Prompts, I found it good. Now, years later, it is my favorite app on my phone. I use it daily. It's really easy to navigate and use. I love it. I recommend it completely. It was so worth the money."

— Srm628

"Prompts is a great app. Syncs with Dropbox, too. Really gets your mind out of stuck places with clever little prompts."

— Evan M.

"I like the way Prompts cuts out all the crap and just gets you right to the writing. The prompts are fun and there aren't 10,000 bells and whistles to get between you and the writing."

— James Gunter

"This is a great tool to get your writing juices flowing whether you have writers block or not. I like the suggestions it gives to take a phrase that had been provided and giving you even more options to explore that phrase."

— Taylor Williams

"It seems so simple, yet it's so marvelous at expanding creative potential. The prompts can spark amazing ideas and stories if you let them. Just let your mind relax and work your creative muscles to create something beautiful. I highly recommend this app to all aspiring writers."

— Roxalina Rose

"I've been a Prompts user for years and years, and love the app to death. It's been so instrumental in my work while I've been away from my computer."

— happydragonite