How Prompts Works

Prompts is a unique writing app, in that it relies on machine learning—low-level artificial intelligence—to help you write. Here's a bit more about how the app works and how it's empowered more than 100,000 writers to build a creative writing habit.


Starting lines

The first thing you'll notice when writing with Prompts is the hundreds of original starting lines the app provides any time you start writing a new note.

With the tap of a button you can flip through starting lines until one captures your attention, or add your own custom starting lines in the app settings.


Intelligent writing prompts

As you write, Prompts analyzes what you've written and interprets things like writing grade level, sentiment, and story structure in order to generate completely unique prompts whenever you need them.

When you use Prompts, the app learns about your unique writing style. If you see a starting line you don't like, or a prompt suggestion you do, the app remembers that and cleverly adapts all future starts and prompts.


Auto-saving and cloud backup

When you enable auto-save in the app settings, Prompts will automatically save anything you write, as you write it. So you never have to worry about whether or not your last word, or edit, was saved.

You can also pair Prompts with any Dropbox account to have your writing saved to the cloud automatically. Great for writers on-the-go who might have spotty connections, for authors who want to sync their writing to their desktop, or teachers who can have student writing automagically appear in a single folder for grading.