Prompts Feature Index

What makes Prompts so great?

Relies on Artificial Intelligence to generate unique writing prompts customized to meet your writing style, objective, and goals.

Offers Hundreds of Starting Lines to help jolt your writing when you aren't sure where to start.

Utilizes Customized Starting Lines you provide in order to help you anytime you sit down to write.

Supports Both iPhone and iPad so you can write anywhere you go, however is most comfortable.

Part of the App Store Volume Purchase Program for educators, offering Prompts for students at a discounted price. Learn more.

Automatically Tracks Writing Goals to help you build and maintain a writing habit.

Powers Daily Writing Reminders that help you stay on top of your writing on your schedule, day or night.

Has Auto-saving to ensure you never lose anything you've written. Just write and forget it, Prompts will do the rest.

Coming soon: Backup to Dropbox so you always have your writing, even if your iPhone or iPad crashes or you run out of battery power.

Offers Built-in Sharing means your writing goes where you want it and doesn't have to stay within Prompts.

Provides Automatic Color Tagging makes it effortless to browse notes with simple, colorful #hashtags.

Has Font Customization means you can define the font style and size to fit your unique writing sensibilities.

Provides Comprehensive Search helps you find what you're looking for, no matter how many notes you've written in the app.