More than 300,000 creative writing prompts in one app.


Writing Inspiration at the Touch of a Button.

When you sit down to write with Prompts, the app gives you hundreds of creative, unique prompts to get you started. And if you get stuck while writing, Prompts can generate more than 300,000 prompt combinations to keep you going.

Prompts uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing style and generate unique writing prompts based on your unique writing style, objectives, and writing goals.


“Beautiful and extremely well done. Not only does Prompts have brilliant, short starting phrases… it’s lightning bolt icon provides unique and helpful ways of overcoming writer’s block.”

— Syra Kale, writer

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Build a Better Writing Habit.

With the thousands of built-in starting prompts and writing suggestions, hitting your daily writing goal is as easy as opening the app.

Prompts tracks everything for you, from how often and how much you write, common writing patterns or recurring themes, sentiment, goals, and much more. Plus: when you set a daily writing goal the app will remind you to hit it and show you progress as you write.


“Prompts is especially cool for folks who like to track their habits to stay motivated because it offers some basic analytics for you to analyze your writing habit progress.”

—  Ginny Mineo, Content Strategy Manager

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Beat Writer's Block for Good.

With the tap of a button Prompts generates a unique writing prompt to help squash writer's block and inspire more creative writing. Just one of the many reasons Prompts is great for casual writers, journal writing, and students.


“A great app to help you exercise your writing. The uncomplicated interface makes it a delight to use, and the prompts can really help get your writing going. It’s the perfect solution to practice and develop your writing.”

—  Christine Chan, Online Editor


Makes Writing a Worry-Free Exercise


never forget to save

Prompts automatically saves as you write and lets you share to your favorite apps like Evernote, Day One, Facebook, Twitter, or email. Plus automatically backup to and sync with iCloud.


write how you write best

Write on-the-go with your iPhone, or at home or the classroom on your iPad. Prompts works with both on-screen keyboards and physical ones, both wireless and wired.


get Daily Writing Reminders

Make free-writing a regular, daily habit with built-in reminders from Prompts. Paired with the built-in writing analytics, dfdfd view to schedule the best day and time