Creative writing prompts on your iPhone or iPad

Prompts™ is the only app that provides creative and intelligent prompt suggestions as you free write. Plus much more.
Just $2.99.



Intelligent writing prompts

Prompts™ provides you with an intelligent writing prompt at the touch of a button.

Using a unique algorithm, Prompts™ makes suggestions for what you should write next. Making Prompts™ a great creative writing app for students, educators, and amateur or professional writers who want to hone their writing habits.

Prompts stats

Track your writing habits

When you write with Prompts™, the app automatically tracks key stats about your writing habits and shows you them at a glance.

From what days and times you write most, to the average number of words you write. Great for checking your writing habits, or those of a student or peer.

Share & Sync

Prompts™ automatically backs up your writing to Dropbox and lets you export to Evernote or Day One, share on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

iPhone or iPad

Write on-the-go with your iPhone, or at home or in the classroom on your iPad. Prompts™ works on the latest iPhones and iPads, and is coming soon to Mac.

Daily reminders

Make free writing a regular, daily habit with a built-in writing reminder from Prompts™. Use the built-in stats report to schedule the best day and time too.