Creative writing prompts on your iPhone or iPad.

Prompts is the only app that provides creative prompts as you free write. Plus hundreds of unique starting lines, daily reminders, and statistical data on your writing.


Intelligent writing prompts

Whenever you feel stuck or uninspired while free writing, Prompts provides you with an intelligent writing prompt when you touch the lightning bolt icon.

Using a unique technique to analyze what you’ve already written, Prompts knows what questions to ask or ideas to present, to keep your writing going. Great for students, educators, or amateur writers.

Prompts stats

Writing stats built-in

When you write with Prompts, the app automatically tracks key stats to help you analyze your writing habits at-a-glance.

From the best time of day to write to the average amount of words you write, Prompts tracks it and displays it for you any time you need it.

Share & Sync

Sync your writing to Dropbox, export to Evernote or Day One, share on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

iPhone or iPad

Write on-the-go with your iPhone or at-home on your iPad. Sync with Dropbox and write wherever.

Daily reminders

Make writing a serious habit and set a daily reminder. Use the built-in stats to schedule the best day.